Water-Based Cremation

At Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel, we offer a unique and eco-friendly method of cremation known as water-based cremation.

Water cremation, also known as aquamation or alkaline hydrolysis, uses water and a small amount of an alkaline solution to break down the organic components of the body. This procedure happens in a unique chamber that immerses the body in water and exposes it to a combination of pressure and heat. Water cremation doesn’t generate harmful emissions or chemicals, unlike traditional cremation.

If you’re asking, “Where can I find water cremation near me?” Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel is here to help. We’re located in Sumner, WA, where we offer water-based cremation services.

But what about the water cremation cost? While the price may vary depending on location and service, water cremation is typically comparable in cost to traditional cremation.

At Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel, we understand that the water cremation process can be a new concept for many people. We work to make the procedure as transparent and understandable as we can. A member of our staff will be here to guide you at every step.

Cremation with water is a meaningful way to say goodbye to your loved one. And at Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel, you can trust that your loved one’s remains will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Consider a water burial for a final goodbye that is both sustainable and dignified.

Water Cremation: How Does Alkaline Hydrolysis Work?

Alkaline hydrolysis, also known as water cremation or aquamation, is an alternative method to traditional flame-based cremation. The process uses a solution of water and potassium hydroxide to break down the body’s organic materials. The body gets placed into a temperature-controlled chamber, and a solution goes into the enclosure. This chamber is heated to approximately 350° F and pressurized to expedite the process. During the process, the water and potassium hydroxide solution breaks down the proteins and fats in the body.

Water cremation is gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation, which emits harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Cremation with water uses less energy and releases fewer greenhouse gases, making it more sustainable.

Benefits of Water Cremation Services

Water cremation is an inventive technique to bid farewell to our loved ones who have passed away. Many people view it as an environmentally favorable substitute for traditional cremation methods.

Water cremation uses water instead of fire, reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. The process doesn’t release mercury, which is harmful to the environment. This also makes it a safer option for those working in the funeral industry.

Water cremation is a gentler process than traditional flame cremation. It reduces stress and anxiety that may arise when thinking of traditional cremation methods.

Arrange Now If a Death Has Occurred or Is Near

Arranging for water-based cremation with Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel is simple, and we encourage you to do so now if a death has occurred or is imminent. Our process is gentle on the environment and offers a respectful way to return the body to the earth.

We’re here to help you through the process since we know how difficult this time is. Contact us today to explore water-based cremation options and see how we can be of service.

Water-Based Cremation Frequently Asked Questions

At Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel, we know you may have questions about our water-based cremation services. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive.

Does the Family Receive an Urn?

Yes, families can receive an urn following a water-based cremation. We provide biodegradable urns that dissolve in water. These urns can be used to scatter ashes or as decorative keepsakes.

Can the Family Still Have a Viewing?

Absolutely. The customary way of mourning your loved ones doesn’t need to change. The viewing process remains the same as in traditional cremation. The family can ask for an open casket so loved ones can say their final goodbyes before the cremation.

How Long Does the Water Cremation Process Take?

The water cremation process typically takes 6–8 hours or 18–20 hours, depending on the operating temperature of the equipment. The shorter cremation process, which uses a temperature of 300°F, takes 6–8 hours, while the longer process takes 18–20 hours at 200°F. Comparatively, traditional flame cremations take only 1–3 hours because they occur at a much hotter temperature of 1,600–1,800°F.

What Can Be Done With the Ashes?

You have many choices when deciding what to do with water cremation ashes. After a water-based cremation, families can inter the urn in a columbarium or bury the urn in a cemetery. Memorial items can be made with the ashes, including hand-blown glass memorials, ceramic art pieces, manmade diamonds or memorial plantings for your garden. Many families scatter some or all of the remains in a special place.

Embracing and Honoring

As an environmentally friendly option for memorial services, water-based cremation offers a substitute for the more common form of cremation. The innovative process uses water instead of fire to reduce carbon emissions and provide a more peaceful experience for loved ones. Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel services provide a budget-friendly and eco-friendly option for memorializing a cherished individual. Reach out to begin the journey, and our staff will guide you. Join us in embracing sustainability and honoring those we’ve lost with a greener approach to end-of-life services.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot to get the very best. Honoring the life of your loved one is an emotional and personal experience. Please call, email, or submit the form anytime.

What Our Customers Say

March 2020
My sister and I were referred here when our father passed. We had no idea what we were doing, but they were compassionate and helped us through all of it.
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March 2020
The staff at Sumner Voiles made a very difficult time much easier. They were kind and understanding.
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May 2020
Sumner Voiles made a hard time the easiest process. Staff are caring and so helpful through this process.
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The staff here are great. I used this service for both of my parents... They were very helpful and kind.
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The staff at Sumner Voiles were fantastic! I really appreciate the kindness and knowledge they extended.
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