Our Terramation Services

At Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel, you can count on us to offer you more options than anyone else. While relatively new to our state, terramation is another means of saying goodbye to a loved one. With today’s eco-conscious mindset there is no disposition choice more friendly to the environment. You can also have a laying ceremony at Return Home’s facility as a final way to say goodbye. After two short months, your loved one’s remains have been transformed into rich, fertile soil.

This is just what happens at the end, so you are not limited to having any type of ceremonies which interfere with terramation. The only option we cannot offer with terramation is embalming since it interferes with the natural organic reduction process.

Terramation  –  $4,950 — $105*/mo

Includes transfer of remains to our funeral chapel, transfer of remains to terramation facility and disposition of remains into compost through the process of Terramation (Natural Organic Reduction). This charge does not include any ceremony, limousine(s), merchandise or cash advance items.

*Estimated Monthly Payments – Illustration Purposes Only. Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel does not participate in any aspect of the lending process. Approval, interest rates, monthly payments determined by participating lenders. Monthly payments calculated for average credit score of 680-699 @ 10.09% APR for 60 months.

When you visit our funeral chapel and meet with one of our funeral directors, you can expect to spend 1-3 hours gathering information, designing a ceremony and selecting products. You can cut that time down considerably by completing arrangements for burial or cremation with our online planning technology.

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What Our Customers Say

Paul G.
October, 2018
Every person I spoke with the entire time cared how we were doing. That meant a lot to us.
Dan D.
October, 2018
We were told to call Sumner Voiles and we were glad we did. Quality service at a low price.
Rob S.
October, 2018
We cannot say it enough; This is a good place with good people working there.