Meet Our Staff


Photo of Corey Gaffney
Corey Gaffney
President & CEO
Photo of Jen Gaffney
Jennifer Gaffney
Vice President & CFO
Photo of Stephanie Korhel
Stephanie Korhel
Funeral Director Intern
Photo of Michael Dishman
Michael Dishman
Funeral Director Intern
Photo of Sarah Lambrecht
Sarah Lambrecht
Funeral Director Intern
Photo of Errin Martinez
Errin Martinez
Administrative Assistant

What Our Customers Say

Paul G.
October, 2018
Every person I spoke with the entire time cared how we were doing. That meant a lot to us.
Dan D.
October, 2018
We were told to call Sumner Voiles and we were glad we did. Quality service at a low price.
Rob S.
October, 2018
We cannot say it enough; This is a good place with good people working there.
Matt B.
November, 2018
Everything they said they would do, they did. We felt that we were in the hands of true professionals,
Brian L.
September, 2018
They accomplished in days what would have taken others weeks.