Our Process


Consumer research tells us that families want the funeral and cremation process to be simple and easy. Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel has invested in the technology for you to make arrangements for your loved one online. Whether you’re planning a cremation with or without viewing or ceremony, or a traditional burial with a wood casket – arrangements can be completed online. You’ll find our process to be gentle and what you’ve been looking for – simple and easy.

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Step 1: Arrange Online

Visit our website to make cremation or funeral arrangements online. Whether your loved one preferred burial or cremation, all of your options are presented side by side. You can pick and choose what works best for your wishes and your budget.

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Step 2: Transport

Our care team responds to the death of your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will transfer them into our care and give you time as a family to catch your breath, and make those important phone calls to family and friends.

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Step 3: Process

For families choosing cremation, you will be assured to know that we cremate 7 days a week in our own crematory. This means we complete our work faster than other funeral or cremation providers. Often times, we accomplish in days what takes them weeks.

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Step 4: Return

For families preferring earth burial, we coordinate with the cemetery for a preferred time for the ceremony to take place. For families choosing cremation, once the cremation is complete we carry out your wishes of returning them to their final resting place.

What Our Customers Say

Paul G.
October, 2018
Every person I spoke with the entire time cared how we were doing. That meant a lot to us.
Dan D.
October, 2018
We were told to call Sumner Voiles and we were glad we did. Quality service at a low price.
Rob S.
October, 2018
We cannot say it enough; This is a good place with good people working there.
Matt B.
November, 2018
Everything they said they would do, they did. We felt that we were in the hands of true professionals,
Brian L.
September, 2018
They accomplished in days what would have taken others weeks.