At Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel, we know the tragedy and loss of a loved one’s passing. However, some families also have to face the added burden of arranging funeral ceremonies and their costs. Because of this, we offer the most affordable cremation and funeral services while keeping your religious and cultural traditions.


There are families looking for a funeral home who prefer to have traditional burial and funeral services. However, some would like to keep everything simple with a private gathering of family and close friends.

To cater to everyone’s wishes, we at Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel offer various funeral and burial services. We also accommodate rites and services of people from different faith traditions. In addition, our staff can also help make the necessary arrangements for you while providing respectful and professional services.

Our staff is only one phone call away and we’re ready to answer any questions you might have. In addition, our funeral directors will help arrange ceremonies and rites to keep your family’s beliefs and traditions.

We offer the following burial service packages:

    Immediate Burial: This service covers prompt casket delivery to the designated gravesite. There will be no public services, visitation or viewing.
    Simple Graveside Ceremony: A short graveside ceremony will be conducted before the burial. There will be no public viewing involved.
    Graveside Ceremony with Viewing: This burial service includes a graveside service with a public viewing on the same day as the burial. The visitation will be short and will accommodate only a few guests.
    Funeral Ceremony with Viewing: This service package includes all the essential services for a traditional funeral ceremony. Families may conduct necrological services in keeping with their faith and family traditions.

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According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), more than half of Americans today prefer cremation rather than a traditional burial. Many families want a simple and cost-effective funeral service for their departed loved ones. It helps conserve natural resources, which is an excellent option for eco-conscious families looking for a funeral home.

Our clients can choose to have traditional memorial rites before the actual cremation. This allows families to gather and honor their departed loved one. Others choose to have the ashes of the deceased brought home with them, placed in a columbarium or have the ashes scattered in a designated area.

Our cremation service packages include the following:

    Direct Cremation: A simple cremation with no extra services.
    Simple Cremation: Cremation service with a private viewing for the family.
    Cremation with Memorial Service: A memorial service will be held after cremation.
    Funeral Ceremony with Cremation Service: Funeral services and viewing will be conducted prior to the cremation. This allows family members to conduct religious or other services before the cremation proper.

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Terramation or natural organic reduction is a service best suited for eco-conscious families looking for a funeral home. It’s a relatively new funeral service option where the remains of the deceased are converted into nutrient-rich soil. A laying ceremony will be conducted, and your loved one’s remains will be delivered to your home after two months at the end of this natural process.

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A Reputation of Caring Service

All our service packages can be customized according to your needs. The burial and cremation service packages we offer include essential services provided by our funeral directors and staff, preparation of the body, embalming, transfer of your loved one’s remains, flower arrangements, viewing, music, facilities and other essentials that you can request.

Our funeral directors will be in charge of basic services:

    Transfering the deceased to the funeral chapel.
    Arranging and preparing the death certificates of the deceased.
    Assume responsibility for the notification of family members and authorities.
    Document preparation to be submitted to insurance and other companies for claims and benefits processing.
    Work with representatives from the Veterans Administration, Social Security and insurance adjusters to submit receipts and other necessary paperwork.
    Bathing and embalming of the deceased, if needed.
    Preparing and submitting obituaries online and to other publishers as needed.
    Funeral directors assist family members with funeral arrangements, including casket selection, cemetery plot, burial vault, urn and the provision of other ceremonial needs of the family.
    Arranging for a police escort on the day of the actual burial, if necessary.

At Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel, we provide for all your needs during one of life’s most challenging times. Call our funeral home today, and our funeral directors will be glad to answer your inquiries.

What Our Customers Say

March 2020
My sister and I were referred here when our father passed. We had no idea what we were doing, but they were compassionate and helped us through all of it.
Google review by Dawn
March 2020
The staff at Sumner Voiles made a very difficult time much easier. They were kind and understanding.
Google review by Tralynda
May 2020
Sumner Voiles made a hard time the easiest process. Staff are caring and so helpful through this process.
Google review by Angela
June 2020
The staff here are great. I used this service for both of my parents... They were very helpful and kind.
Google review by Louise
July 2020
The staff at Sumner Voiles were fantastic! I really appreciate the kindness and knowledge they extended.
Google review by Jaime