Flame-Based Cremation

Flame- and fire-based cremations have been used for centuries instead of traditional burial options.

Fire-based cremation: This type of cremation takes place in a crematorium. The body is placed in a highly-flammable casket and moved into the furnace, also known as a retort. The temperature reaches up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and uses propane, natural gas or diesel as fuel.

What Is Flame Cremation?

A fire-based cremation takes place in a special chamber designed to withstand high temperatures. Once the body is decomposed, the ashes and bone shards are refined a bit more and placed in an urn. The urn is usually handed over to the family to keep or dispose of as they see fit. This burial method is popular among those who don’t want to bury the remains in a grave.

There are several reasons why families may choose to go the cremation route:

An open option for burial: Once the remains have been cremated, you can still choose to bury those remains. You can also keep the remains in an urn, scatter them in a favorite destination or have the ashes placed in a memorial site, such as a memorial wall.

Better for the environment: The methods of fueling cremation have come a long way and make it a viable option if you’re concerned about the environment. The entire process only takes around 1 to 3 hours. Traditional burials, on the other hand, include clothing, embalming chemicals, the materials in the coffin, various types of fabrics and other elements that don’t biodegrade easily.

Space saver: Burial plots take up a lot of space and cemeteries tend to run out of space. If you don’t book a plot well in advance, you may not get buried near your loved ones.

Cost-effective: Certain cremation procedures are far more cost-effective than burials.

Should I Hire a Funeral Director?

A funeral director is required to sign the death certificate.. There are also procedures that need to be followed that aren’t in everyone’s wheelhouse. To save time, money and possible frustration, many families prefer to allow professionals from a cremation company to facilitate the funerals.

The advantages of hiring a funeral director include:

Emotional support: Funeral directors deal with these proceedings daily and understand the trauma and pain families go through. A good funeral director is emphatic and provides the proper emotional support to loved ones during the proceedings.

Guidance: An experienced funeral director can help guide loved ones through all aspects of the funeral, from casket selections to the proceedings of the day. They may also coordinate the events after the service if the family requires food and beverages to be served afterward.

Meaningful service: The death of a loved one is a traumatic experience and can cause emotional strain. This may make it hard to decide important things, such as suitable music, who will give speeches or eulogies and the type of funeral required. A funeral director can help guide loved ones into appropriate and meaningful decisions.

Convenience: Planning a funeral involves a lot of logistics; in some religions, the funeral must happen within hours. This can place the family under tremendous strain. A funeral director can help with the paperwork and secure a venue and transport of the casket.

Is a Casket Required?

While caskets are recommended for burials, they’re not required for cremation. Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel has suitable vessels available for cremation services. These tend to be at a much lower cost than ornate caskets meant for burial.

Can a Casket Be Rented for Viewing?

It’s common practice in many funerals that a viewing of the body takes place, even when cremation is scheduled for after the service. Buying a new casket can be a costly affair, and we assist families with rental options. This can bring the costs of a funeral down significantly.

How Much Does Flame Cremation Cost?

There are different tiers of flame cremation services to suit different needs and budgets:

Funeral ceremony followed by a cremation: This option costs around $3,195 or $69 per month and includes a private viewing the day before the funeral, the funeral service at a chapel, and the cremation. The cost doesn’t include the casket, rental casket, urn, merchandise, cash advance or the alternative container. If the venue is at a different location, there’s an additional transport fee to move the casket.

Cremation followed by a memorial ceremony: Amounting to $2,195 or $45 per month, with this service, you get a public gathering at a chapel or funeral home, the cremation, and a ceremony. The cost doesn’t include the casket, rental casket, urn, merchandise, cash advance or the alternative container.

Simple goodbye cremation: This is a simple service that costs $1,795 or $38 per month and covers a private family viewing at a funeral chapel before cremation. The cost doesn’t include the casket, rental casket, urn, merchandise, cash advance or the alternative container.

Direct cremation: With direct cremation, there is no viewing or ceremony. It costs $795 or $16 per month with sales tax and includes an urn and an alternative vessel.

How Can I Transport the Remains?

Transporting remains is a simple process with a few guidelines. You can send the remains by mail, by choosing a padded outer container and placing the container with the remains inside this padded outer container. You can also ship the remains on an airplane. Simply use the box provided by the funeral service as is, and ensure you have the necessary paperwork with you and it’s not a metal box to go through the scans easily. USPS is the only method available to ship cremated remains other than airplanes. UPS, FedEx and DHL will not ship cremated remains.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot to get the very best. Honoring the life of your loved one is an emotional and personal experience. Please call, email, or submit the form anytime.

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