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What You Should Know About Cremation Costs: What Is The Cost of Cremation?

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Funeral costs today are on an upward surge, and people are looking for ways to save money. One of the best ways to do that is to opt for cremation. However, some people don’t notice that cremation costs can sometimes become as expensive as traditional burials. Cremation can be costly if you ignore the fees and other services you’re signing up for in the process.


What You Should Know About Cremation Costs


Cremation is the more affordable option compared to a traditional burial. You can even have a cremation for free. There are several cremation options, and the most affordable one is a direct cremation – i.e., one that is immediately performed right after the passing of a loved one. We’ll cover the factors that drive higher costs in the discussion below.


The Cost of Cremation


The National Funeral Directors Association estimates the cost of cremation in 2022 and beyond to range from $2,300 to $6,078 on average. However, some factors can reduce or increase the cost of cremation services, so keep an eye out for these things.


For instance, the local funeral homes in your area usually dictate the average cost of cremation in your town or city. With that in mind, some of the more expensive cities for cremation services include Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Nashville. According to surveys conducted by the National Funeral Directors Association, the costs here range from $4,400 to $6,800.


The type of cremation services you choose will also dictate how much the service package will cost. For example, the most affordable type of cremation is called direct cremation. It doesn’t involve a viewing, memorial service, or traditional funeral, which drives the cost down.


Expect to pay anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000 on average for a standard adult funeral with cremation. The national median cost for cremation services with viewing is $6,970. It includes the basic fee for cremation, cremation casket, urn, transport services, embalming, and other add-on services.


Why Is the Cost of Cremation So High?


The average cost of a direct cremation ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the state or city where you live. However, s1ome funeral parlors can charge you less than $1,000 for direct cremation.


As explained earlier, with a direct cremation, the deceased’s body will be cremated immediately after passing. Therefore, there will be no viewing or any form of funeral service. However, you may hold a private memorial service at your home, church, or other location after you receive the urn containing the ashes of your dearly departed.


However, if you add a memorial service to the cremation package, expect the average cost to go up to $6,078. If you don’t plan things carefully, the added funeral costs will increase the prices of the funeral package.


Here are some of the costs that you should be aware of when planning a cremation with funeral rites:


  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Cosmetology
  • Casketing
  • Transfer of remains
  • Flowers 
  • Facilities rent for viewing
  • Music during funeral service
  • Service car rental
  • Printed materials
  • Your choice of urn


Each of these items will add to the total costs you will pay for the entire funeral service. These additional costs can amount to about $5,300 apart from the regular price of direct cremation.


The demand for cremation services will also drive prices up. As a result, more people will look for ways to save money on funeral services. You can save money by purchasing a cremation service package now to lock up the current price.


How To Save on Cremation Costs


Cremation services can become as expensive as traditional funerals because of funeral rites and expensive materials used for the cremation process itself. For example, having music during a funeral service, flowers, and choosing expensive caskets and urns can add to the overall cost you have to pay. 


The good news is that there are ways to reduce cremation costs.


  • Urns


Another item that you can plan on is the urn. The size and material used to make urns drive their prices. The urn, of course, is where the ashes of the deceased will be stored. The average price of an urn ranges from $70 to $2,000. Engravings, the style, material, accessories, and size will make it more expensive.


Some of the common types of urns are:


  1. Cremation Boxes: these are wooden boxes used for ash storage after cremation. They cost anywhere from $50 to $300 on average.
  2. Earth-Friendly Urns: these urns are biodegradable and cost $70 to $300.
  3. Companion Urns: they are the most expensive type of urns due to their size, style, and make. They are used to store the ashes of couples. These urns cost $150 to $500.
  4. Memento Urns: jewelry and keepsakes can be designed to store or contain a portion of your loved one’s ashes.


Choose the type of urn that fits your budget. It would be best if you also considered the wishes of the departed. If they left instructions like scattering their ashes in the sea or storing them in an ancestral home, then you should honor it.


  • Direct Cremation with Private Memorial After


You can also reduce costs by having a simple private memorial service at home instead of a complete funeral package. Costs like rental caskets can quickly jack up the price by $400 to $600 or more. Instead, you can do away with them along with the expensive flowers and funeral music. Instead, family and close friends of the dearly departed will attend these simple memorial services.


  • Cremation Without a Coffin


Funeral parlors can also perform a cremation without a casket or coffin. Most US states allow laminate, plywood, rigid cardboard, or similar material as a container. These are highly combustible materials that will be burned along with the remains of the deceased. You can save anywhere from $160 to $600 by skipping the funeral casket.


How Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel Can Help You?


People consider cremation and funeral costs when caring for an aging parent or when they’re planning ahead. However, some folks would rather spare their family the burden of spending for a funeral or cremation service, which is why they purchase cremation packages.


It’s emotionally demanding, but we at Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel can unload your burden. We understand your concerns and are willing and able to help. Call today, and we can provide you with all the details you need and leave it to us to help you through these trying times.