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The Best Way to Get Affordable Cremation Services

affordable cremation


The costs of funeral services continue to rise, ranging from $7,000 to $12,000 and higher. For this reason, many people look to cremation as a better alternative. Cremation is a more affordable option than a traditional burial in the US. The cost of cremating the remains of a loved one starts at $2,000, but rates can rise to $10,000 depending on the funeral home and your location. Let’s go over how you can find affordable cremation.


What You Need To Know About Affordable Cremation Services


Affordable cremation packages are available, but additional options can still cost you money. Some factors can drive the cost, including having wakes, expensive urns, visitations, and viewings. Getting a funeral service plus cremation can increase funeral costs.


Cremation spares you from additional costs like cosmetology, transportation from the funeral home to a chapel or cemetery, embalming services and the cost of the burial plot.


Note that many funeral homes don’t perform the actual cremations. If you’re looking for affordable cremation services, your best option is to find one that does its own crematory procedures. They can explain the process and give you more options when honoring your deceased loved one.


For instance, if viewing the cremation is an essential tradition in your family, you can have them arrange a viewing. They can also arrange for your preferred method of returning your loved one’s ashes. You can pick up the urn, or they can deliver it to your home or a columbarium of your choice. 


There are several types of affordable cremation services, such as:


  • Cremation with traditional service, which is the most expensive option.
  • Cremation with a short memorial service afterward is a more affordable type.
  • No cost cremation: this type of service is free, but you would be required to donate the remains of the deceased to science.
  • Direct cremation: the body is cremated shortly after the person has passed – no ceremonies are required.


Direct cremation is the most affordable cremation service. However, remember that you can hold a memorial service after the cremation process in a church, home, or other location of your choice to save money.


Remember the Details


Planning a funeral is a very emotional experience. If you’re looking to save some money during this difficult stage of your life, you can hire the services of a funeral director who can plan and manage the details for you. This way, you can focus on grieving your lost loved one.


However, you should also pay attention to the details if you’re looking for affordable cremation. For example, the location of the funeral home can be a factor. The closer it is, the lower the cost.


Remember to choose one that has a crematorium. You should also make it a point to call the company and ask if they’re certified. It’s also important to check if they’re affiliated with the Cremation Association of America. Doing this step will help ensure that their procedures follow regulations to ensure the safety of everyone involved.


Be aware of certain extra services that may jack up the prices of an affordable cremation. For example, having flowers, the type of music to be played during the service, video slideshows, and photo services can make the cremation package more expensive than what you expect.


Choosing the Right Funeral Home


Before choosing any funeral home, consult the entire family about funeral plans. The death of a loved one is usually a family matter. Discuss your budget and treat the matter as a significant expense for the entire family.


Review your funeral rights and make sure that the funeral home will honor them. The Federal Trade Commission affirms the following consumer rights during crematory proceedings:


  • Price information over the phone
  • Receiving a written statement from the funeral home before you pay anything
  • Get an urn from a third-party seller without incurring additional costs
  • Use an alternative casket or container without getting charged extra
  • Purchase only the services and goods you want
  • Receive an itemized price list beforehand


Check with your local Funeral Consumers Alliance so you can verify the prices provided to you by funeral homes. Get quotes from different sources and compare prices. If any charges are higher than the industry average, go for another provider. Remember to put your family’s wishes in writing and compare what each provider can offer. Then, choose the funeral home that meets all your needs at the most reasonable cost.


Planning Ahead of Time


Planning your funeral ahead of time isn’t always at the top of your head, especially when you’re healthy and fit. However, arranging funeral plans ahead of time allows you to lock in the price while costs are low. You can take advantage of low-cost financing or promotional offers as well. Getting cremation arrangements ready ahead of time also saves your family the burden of funeral costs.


You can also choose the urn ahead of time. The most affordable urns cost around $75, and the most expensive ones can cost you about $350. There are different types of urns, and they can impact the price.


You also have the option to use a keepsake urn. This type of funeral urn only holds a portion of the ashes; hence they are smaller. As a result, they only cost around $25 to $60. Remember that the size, material, design, and other accessories impact the price of urns.


Tips on Saving Money


Here are some more tips that can help you save money and plan an affordable cremation service:


  • Decide on the type of cremation you want to have – remember that direct cremation is the simplest and most cost-effective option. The service usually costs $1,000 or even less.
  • Cremation costs vary by state, so do your research.
  • Skip the pushy or salesy funeral director. Go for someone who can arrange a custom package that includes only the services you want.
  • Shop around and choose a local funeral home. They can help you with the paperwork, death certificates, permits, and storage of ashes.
  • Hold alternative memorial services in your home, community center, or church. Some funeral homes include this service as part of the package, lowering overall costs.


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